Ramadan 2023 Appeal

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Muslim Central Project is a Non-Profit Organisation, founded by a brother from Cape Town, South Africa around 2013 and later joined by friend and co-director, Mufti Ismail Menk(Zimbabwe).  It was formally registered in 2016. We use various online platforms to inspire and educate. We take a minimal design approach, our projects are also usually free to use and without advertisements.


This mini project is a podcast website, that allows users to listen to Recitations of Quranic Duas by Mufti Menk along with English translation. The text consists of Arabic, English Translation and Transliteration. Further, the audio is available via Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts and the videos are available on Mufti Menk’s YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Eman Channel, My Quran Translations and others for their assistance.